Selenium Skill Test

1. What are selenium components? 
2. What is selenium Web Driver? 
3. What is Selenium IDE? 
4. What are get commands available in Webdriver? What is the usage? 
5. What is the difference between close() and quite() ? 
6. What is difference between verify and assert commands in IDE? 
7. On which version of web driver you worked? 
8. How to check a web element displayed on page? 
9. How to check a textbox/input box is enable? 
10. What is the use of sendkeys() method? 
11. What are the navigation commands available in webdriver? 
12. How to switch to iframe on a web page? 
13. How to handle alert/popup window? 
14. What is the difference between implicit wait and explicit wait? 
15. What is synchronize problem? 
16. How to close specific browser window if multiple browsers are opened? 
17. How to select radio button/check box? 
18. How to select an element from dropdown box? 
19. How to find number elements in a listbox/dropdown box? 
20. How to locate elements on web page? 
21. What is xpath? 
22. What are the types of xpaths? 
23. What is the difference between relative and absolute xpaths? Which one is preferable? Why? 
24. How to handle elements whose properties are dynamically changing? 
25. What is the difference between findElement() and findElements() methods? 
26. How to count number of links present on a web page? 
27. How to count number of rows and columns in a web table? 
28. How to read values from a web table? 
29. What is Actions class ?what is use of it? 
30. How to do drag and drop actions in web page? 
31. How to handle mouse events? 
32. How to handle file upload? 
33. Explain about autoIT? 
34. How to read data from excel sheet?  
35. What is data driven test? How to do data driven test in selenium? 
36. What is testNG/ what is use of testNG with selenium? 
37. What are the annotations available in testNG? 
38. What is @Test annotation? 
39. How to prioritize your test methods in a testNG class? 
40. How to achieve batch testing in TestNG? 
41. How to run multiple test cases/test suites in TestNG? 
42. What is @Dataprovider annotation? What is use of it? 
43. How to parameterize values from xml to testNG test? 
44. How will you perform parallel testing in selenium? 
45. What are testNG listeners? What is the usage? 
46. What are the default methods contained in TestListenerAdapter class? 
47. What is use of  TestListenerAdapter class? 
48. How to generate reports in TestNG? 
49. What is page object model in selenium? What is the usage? 
50. What is @FindBy annotation in selenium? 
51. How to capture screenshots on failures? 
52. What is Maven?  
53. What is use of pom.xml in Maven? 
54. What is log4j? how to generate logs in selenium? 
55. What are the common exceptions thrown by selenium webdriver? 
56. What is Jenkins? How to schedule job in Jenkins? 
57. What is framework? 
58. What kind of frame work you have used in your project? 
59. Explain about framework? 
60. How to log test results in selenium automation?  
61. What are the technical challenges you faced in selenium? 
62. What is browser profile? How to handle browser profile for firefox? 
63. How to perform cross browser testing in selenium? 
64. What is use of selenium grid?