SDET Training

SDET is an emerging and important job oriented role in IT nowadays, An IT professional who can work equally effective in development as well as testing. SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test, an SDET takes part in the complete software development process.

SDET course main objective is to produce a competent SDET, who can fit in this challenging role and perform day to day activities with both development and testing department.

This course does not assume any prior programming experience. A strong desire to learn new technologies is required.

  • SDET should able to perform Test Automation and setting up frameworks on multiple application platforms.
  • Takes part in SDLC process.
  • Able to work on design and development activities.
  • Create & manage bug reports and communicate with the team members.
  • Able to adopt agile environment of working.
  • Working ability with DevOps environment.
  • Business-driven development is an important role of SDET.

Software Testing (Manual Testing)
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Software Engineering process & various development life cycles such as Agile Model, V-Model, DevOps etc
  • Demonstrable ability in analyzing Test Basis for various business problems & in publishing Requirement Analysis Reports
  • Demonstrable ability in identifying & prioritizing Test Scenarios, Test Cases & Test Data
  • Demonstrable ability to execute the tests, record test logs & compile identified metrics
  • Demonstrable ability of identifying, reporting & tracking defects till the logical end.

Agile process in JIRA
  • Demonstrable ability of creating User Stories
  • Demonstrable ability to create Sprints & assigning User Stories to Sprints
  • Demonstrable ability of writing Test Cases & executing them
  • Demonstrable ability to Log & track issues as well as to analyze the reports

Database – Oracle/MS SQL Server
  • Demonstrable knowledge on RDBMS including DML, DDL, DRL etc
  • Demonstrable ability to write SQL Queries using Select, Join, Sub Query etc
  • Demonstrable understanding of SQL Objects, Indexes, Joins, Stored Procedures, Normalization rules etc
  • Demonstrable various Database testing tools.

Core Java
  • Demonstrable understanding of the programming basics including programming logic, techniques, data types, variables, conditional statements, loops, arrays etc
  • Demonstrable understanding of OOPS concepts (Class, Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism etc)
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Access Modifiers, Interfaces, Collections, Exception Handling, JDBC Connection etc
  • Demonstrable skill in developing code to create Java program as per the task
  • Demonstrable fluency in Java Programming

Test Automation with Selenium using Java
  • Demonstrable skill in using Selenium / Katalon IDE
  • Demonstrable skill in working with different elements on the webpage, handling multiple windows, frames & alerts
  • Demonstrable understanding of different libraries in Selenium, their purpose as well as clear understanding on how & when to use them in test automation
  • Demonstrable skill in debugging the scripts and in maintaining them
  • Demonstrable skill in developing automation test script using Java for the given set of Manual Test Cases
  • Demonstrable ability in Data Driven Testing using data sources such as Excel
  • Demonstrable ability of working with TestNG framework, Jenkins for schedules & Hybrid Driven framework
  • Demonstrable skill in generating Standard & Customized Reports
  • Demonstrable skill BDD Framework using Cucumber

Selenium Integration with other tools
  • Maven: Demonstrable understanding of Maven Project, POM.xml, Creating builds and execution
  • Code Management Tool: Demonstrable knowledge of the Code Management Tool & Version Control. Skill of Check in and Checkout of the code
  • Continuous Integration Tool: Demonstrable understanding about the usage of CI Tool. Skill in configuring the tool to automatically integrate the code & reporting

Web services (Rest/SOAP) API Test Automation
  • Demonstrable ability to install Postman tool
  • Demonstrable understanding of REST & SOAP web services.
  • Demonstrable skill of automating Rest API’s using Rest Assured API.
  •  Demonstrable skill in developing API tests and run tests in Potman, SoapUI tools. 

Topics & Schedule 

SDET Topics
Java Programming
2 Weeks
Selenium Automation + Cucumber
4 Weeks
Continuous Integration
 (Maven, Jenkins Git, GitHub)
1 Week
Web Services API Testing
3 Weeks
Total Weeks
10 Weeks

You will get FREE Self-Paced Courses along with SDET Training
  • QA Manual Testing+ Jira Tool
  • SQL for Testers
  • Linux Commands & Shell Scripting